Indo Chinese Recipes Collection

Indo Chinese Recipes | 9 Veg Indian Chinese Dishes

Indo Chinese Recipes are a popular part of Indian Food and can be found everywhere from the humblest of street side stalls to the fanciest of restaurants. This unique style of cooking is inspired by Chinese food and is adapted to suit Indian tastes & locally available ingredients.

South Indian Recipes Collection

South Indian Recipes | 18 Delicious South Indian Dishes

South Indian Recipes generally refer to a myriad of dishes cooked in the Southern states of India like Dosas, Idlis, Uttapams, Upmas, Sambar, Chutneys, Rasam etc. South Indian food strikes a good balance of simplicity, nutrition & flavor. See our collection of delicious South Indian recipes.

Rajasthani Recipes

Rajasthani Food | 13 Authentic Veg Rajasthani Recipes

We bring to you a collection of authentic vegetarian recipes from the land of Maharajas. Rajasthani Cuisine is really unique both in it’s cooking techniques and the ingredients used due its royal background as well the lack of green vegetables & the prevelant arid conditions.

Indian Vegetarian Curries Collection

Indian Vegetarian Curries | A collection of 29 Indian Gravy Recipes

Indian cuisine includes a vast variety of vegetarian curries whose preparation & taste varies by not only different regions but even by families. Curries & Gravies are an essential part of Indian meals & accompany cooked rice or Indian breads. Explore out selection of Indian Vegetarian Curry Recipes.