About Us

India is a diverse country with food of many flavours. As we grew up, we enjoyed super-tasty food made by our mother and other family members. Later, we got the opportunity to travel across many states in India and discovered more delicious food. All these dishes seemed like magic and motivated us to learn these recipes under supervision of these helpful and generous people we met over time. Here is our humble attempt to pay tribute to everything we enjoyed over these years, and share this joy of cooking authentic Indian food with rest of the world.

There is nothing complex about cooking and even few spices and herbs can deliver great food without affecting quality. We will be sharing our wonderful Indian Vegetarian recipes and different tricks which can be applied to many things in the cooking world.

About VegeCravings: This is a vegetarian site with both vegetarian and vegan recipes. There is a lot to enjoy, learn and discover while cooking with majority of our focus on Indian recipes, with few other world cuisines as well with a touch of our own style and improvisation.

If you have any question about a recipe, please use the forums and we will try to reply promptly.

If you want to request a recipe or share your own, please send message to us.