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Holi is one of the major festivals in India and is celebrated in the spring season in the months of February or March. It is marked by colorful fun, food, frolic.

Holi celebrations go on for two days starting in the evening of Purnima (full moon day), in the Indian month of Phagun. The first day of this festival is marked by lighting a bonfire called ‘Holika Dahan’. The bonfire signifies burning up of the evil elements and the Holi festival symbolizes the victory of the good over evil.

On the second day people of all ages play with colours, pouring colorful water or powder on each other and share festive sweets.

Holi is a unique mass festival where people roam in groups, revel in color and are welcomed at other homes by snacks and sweets. Apart from color it is also a festival of warmth as it is said that on this day you should even greet people with whom you are not very friendly.

Festivals like Holi in India are many times an occasion when all family members living far off come home and there is a large family gathering and happiness all around. In Braj region of India which is around the city of Mathura and is associated with Hindu God Krishna, Holi is celebrated in great fervour for extended period of about 2 weeks.

In most places on Holi people move in groups (called tollis) and color as well as greet the people they pass by. In many parts Holi is also celebrated with a musical gathering of different types which includes lot of pun and satire in from of poetry. In the evenings people go to each other house, exchange greetings and enjoy the special Holi recipes.

Compared to some other Indian festivals, Holi festival involves rather less rituals and is known more for revelry, fun, mouth-watering snacks and sweet delicacies. The festival is also marked by making traditional variety of snacks and sweets at home. The true essence of Holi lies in relishing the traditional delicacies and playing with colours with friends.

Holi festival is celebrated almost in the entire breadth of the country but is celebrated with more fervour in North and West India. As with other Indian festival, every region has its unique traditions and favourite snacks and sweets.

The most famous and typical style of celebrating colourful Holi is seen in regions around Mathura called Basrana (includes Matura, Vrindavan, Nandgaon and Barsana). Here Holi is celebrated in a unique way when women chase away the men with Lathis (sticks) as they put colour on them in such a way that to a casual onlooker, it may appear to be a beating session whereas it is part of traditional celebrations enjoyed by men and women alike.

This festival of colours, fun and enthusiasm is perfect to enjoy with traditional and delicious Holi recipes. These traditional Holi food make the festival memorable and people of all ages and more so the children eagerly wait for this festival every year.

Try some easy to cook and delicious Holi recipes at home and enjoy the festival. Our collection of holi recipes includes traditional recipes like gujiya, thandai, malpua as well as ideas for new recipes.

Suggested recipe collections :

List Of Most Popular Holi Recipes

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Collection of special sweets, snacks and drinks for Holi. Gujiya, thandai and many more traditional & new holi recipes.

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