Palak Recipes | 15 Indian Spinach Recipes

Palak Recipes | Indian Spinach Recipes – Palak or spinach is a green leafy vegetable with high nutrition content. It is an extremely versatile ingredient that finds a wide variety of uses in Indian cooking.

Spinach is believed to have originated from Persia centuries back but is now grown throughout the temperate regions of the world. It is planted either in early spring or in the fall and is generally consumed all year around except for monsoon season as it is quite susceptible to germs in the rainy season.

Main uses of spinach

Palak or Spinach is a versatile vegetable and can be eaten raw or cooked. Raw spinach is many times used in salads and has a neutral, mild and refreshing taste. On blending and cooking spinach has a distinct taste.

The good thing is that spinach can be adapted into a number of dishes and it not only enhances their nutritional value but also harmonizes with a lot of other ingredients imparting a unique taste to the dish. Green and vibrant palak recipes are not only nourishing but are also visually appealing to eye.

Spinach can be used in preparing a host of recipes, be it salad, snacks, gravies, breads or rice. In Indian cooking palak leaves are often cooked with spices in a gravy of onions and tomatoes. Different ingredients like paneer, vegetables or lentils are added to this gravy to create a variety of spinach based curries.

Palak Leaves can also be mixed with flour to create flavored Indian breads. Baby spinach is used in salads due to its taste, appearance and texture. Spinach soups are also very appetizing.

Rich in nutrition

Many of us have grown watching the classic Popeye animated cartoons, where Popeye eats spinach to become stronger. Even though such health claims are exaggerated, it remains a fact that spinach consumption is good for health as it has a good dose of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Spinach is low in calories and fat, yet extremely high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Raw spinach contains 91% water, 4% carbohydrates, 3% protein and is rich in vitamin A, many forms of Vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and folate.

Spinach loses much of its nutritional value with storage of more than a few days. Refrigeration helps to prolong its life & retain significant nutritional value for few days. Further excessive cooking also leads to loss of nutrients and the same happens in case of excessive blanching.

Suggested recipe collections :

A Collection of Easy Palak Recipes | Indian Spinach Recipes

Check out this collection of vegetarian Spinach or Palak recipes which can be easily made at home.

Palak Kofta Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Palak Kofta Recipe | Spinach Kofta Curry

Palak kofta curry is made with deep fried dumplings made of spinach, paneer and potatoes in a creamy velvety onion tomato gravy.
Spinach Apple Pecan Salad Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Spinach Apple Pecan Salad Recipe

Spinach Apple Pecan Salad is a delicious healthy salad combining fresh spinach, sweet apples & crunchy pecans with a sweet & salty dressing.
Palak Pakoda Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Palak Pakoda Recipe | Spinach Pakora

Palak pakoras are crispy deep fried fritters made from a batter of spinach leaves, onions and besan mixed with spices.
Palak Paneer Bhurji is an Indian dish made with spinach and scrambled paneer. It is a healthy & flavorful dish which can be made in minutes.

Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe

Palak Paneer Bhurji is an Indian dish made with spinach and scrambled paneer. It is a healthy & flavorful dish which can be made in minutes.
Spinach Tomato Soup Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Tomato Spinach Soup Recipe | Tamatar Palak Ka Soup

Tomato Spinach Soup is a nutritious and delicious Indian style soup made from fresh Spinach and Tomatoes and flavored with mild spices.
Palak Kadhi Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Palak Kadhi Recipe | Spinach Kadhi

Palak Kadhi or Spinach kadhi is an Indian dish made with fresh Spinach leaves cooked in a spicy curry of Curd and Besan (Gram Flour).
Hara Bhara Kabab Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Hara Bhara Kabab Recipe | Spinach & Potato Cutlet

Hara Bhara Kabab is a delicious veg cutlet (kabab) made primarily from spinach & potatoes and generously flavored with various spices.
Palak Paratha Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Palak Paratha Recipe | Spinach Paratha

Palak Paratha is a delicious and healthy Indian flatbread made from mildly spiced whole wheat flour combined with pureed spinach.
Palak Corn Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Palak Corn Recipe | Spinach & Corn Curry

Palak Corn is healthy & delicious Indian Curry made with Sweet Corn Kernels cooked in a spicy gravy made of pureed Spinach, onions and tomatoes.
Aloo Palak Gravy Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Aloo Palak Gravy Recipe | Potato & Spinach Curry

Aloo Palak Gravy is a simple & healthy Indian Gravy made of Potatoes cooked in pureed Spinach, onion & tomato gravy.
Palak Pulao Recipe Step By Step Instructions 10

Palak Pulao Recipe | Spinach Rice | Palak Rice

Palak Pulao or Spinach Rice is a flavorful and healthy Rice preparation cooked with Spinach and flavored with Indian spices.
Palak Matar Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Palak Matar Recipe | Spinach and Green Peas Curry

Palak Matar is a delicious & nutritious smooth textured gravy made with fresh green leafy spinach and green peas.
Palak Paneer Recipe Step By Step Instructions Cover

Palak Paneer Recipe | Spinach Curry with Paneer

Palak Paneer is a popular & distinctive North Indian gravy with the combined goodness of Spinach & Paneer in an onion-tomato gravy.
Palak Puri Recipe

Palak Puri Recipe | Spinach Puri

Indian Bread made by deep frying a mixture of flour and spinach.
Dal Palak Recipe Step By Step Instructions

Dal Palak Recipe | Spinach Dal

Dal Palak is a healthy and sumptuous dish made of Green Lentils and Spinach cooked in a spicy onion tomato based gravy.

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