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Fruit Custard Recipe | Fruit Salad With Custard Sauce

Fruit Custard Recipe Step By Step Instructions
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Fruit custard is a simple, tasty, and relatively healthy dessert that is loved by all and more so by the kids. It requires very less preparation & cooking time and can be made from simple ingredients.

Fruit custard is also called Fruit salad with Custard and is a sweet dish loaded with goodness & flavour of different fruits. You can choose the flavour of custard and fruits as per your own choice. It is a nice way to include fruits in the diet of children who are otherwise averse to eating fruits.

Fruit Custard tastes best when it is cooked and served chill. It is a good accompaniment at the end of a meal and gives a nice soothing feeling.

To make Fruit Custard at home follow the detailed step by step recipe with photos posted below.

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Servings: 6


Cuisine: Indian

Total Time:

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

Nutrition (per serving)



Carbohydrates: 24g

Protein: 4g

Ingredients For Fruit Custard Recipe

  • 3 Cup Milk
  • 3 Tablespoon Custard Powder
  • 5 Tablespoon Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup Chopped Bananas
  • 1/2 Cup Chopped Apples
  • 1/2 Cup Grapes
  • 1/2 Cup Pomegranate Kernels

Step By Step Instructions With Photos for Custard Recipe

  • Set aside 1/4th Cup of Milk. Boil the rest of milk in a pan on medium heat. Stir occasionally to prevent the milk from sticking on the bottom.

  • When the milk comes to a boil, add sugar in it.

  • Add custard powder to the 1/4th cup milk.

  • Mix it well to remove all lumps.

  • Add this mixture slowly to the boiling milk. Keep stirring to ensure it does not burn from the bottom. Boil this for an additional 2-3 minutes, stirring continuously.

  • Remove the pan from the heat and stir for another 2 minutes. This will prevent the custard sauce from burning.Let this cool to a room temperature. Then refrigerate for a few hours to chill.

  • Chop all fruits into bite sized pieces. You can add bananas, apples, grapes, pear, cherries, strawberries, pineapples, pomegranate, mango, orange, kiwi or any other seasonal fruit of your choice.

  • Arrange a layer of fruits in a serving bowl.

  • Pour a spoonful of custard sauce on the fruits. Keep layering this way alternately with fruits and custard sauce to complete the dish.

  • Garnish with chopped pieces of fresh fruit, jellies or chopped nuts like almonds or cashews. Serve the custard chilled.

    Also see more recipes lies Fruit Cream, Fruit Chaat, Aamras etc.

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  1. This just looks like home to me. Love the creamy custard and crisp fruit flavors! Need to make this very soon!

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